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Oasis Beauty

So here we are, back again with our first post of 2017! After a restful holiday break, we are getting into the swing of things with a new product feature for you. Oasis Beauty is the favourite this month – read on to find out why! Oasis Beauty is based in beautiful Oxford in Canterbury, … Continue reading Oasis Beauty

EHRA – Every Human Requires Adventure (Poppy’s Back!)

Guess who’s back (back, back). Back again, (‘gain, ‘gain). It’s me, Popizzle – real name, no gimmicks. Throwin’ back to a bit of early 00’s rap. No regrets…. So I’ve been off the radar for waaay too long, but I have an excuse. I’ve been visiting other continents, meeting new people, and doing a whole … Continue reading EHRA – Every Human Requires Adventure (Poppy’s Back!)

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