Introducing James van Dyk

Hello there! I’m James and I’ll be writing about the “why”. That is, all the reasons you should Use Good Stuff backed up with logic, facts, and empirical evidence. I am a recent graduate from the University of Canterbury, receiving a BSc majoring in Mathematics and Physics, which may go some way towards explaining my irrational love of reason and empirical evidence! I am a tutor, an actor, a writer, a pianist, and a player of tennis. Basically, I love learning as much as I possibly can and doing as much as I possibly can, and am always happy to talk about anything remotely interesting with anyone!

My interest in sustainability started through my passion for social justice and human rights. Once you are involved in that field, you meet a whole community of people who are enthusiastic about caring for the world and the people in it in all sorts of ways. The rather broad field of ‘sustainability’ took my interest in humanitarianism and extended it to the environment brilliantly. It is by no means a simple field. It requires a large amount of academic rigour to ensure the way in which we live and the technologies we use are the best for us and the environment. It blasts the false dichotomy of economy versus environment and it utilises all the scientific knowledge and reasoning I could throw a stick at. It challenges the status quo, asks if we are living in a selfless way, and encourages us to create new technologies, new habits, new ways of living that benefit everybody! It is simply beautiful!

So, as you can hopefully tell, I am quite passionate about this. I will be writing posts using all the knowledge and eloquence that I can muster. I will endeavour to stimulate your interest, ask challenging questions, and encourage you to live in the most sustainable way possible!

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