When I started looking at making my day-to-day living more sustainable, one of my first tasks was changing over my cleaning products. I have always been a fan of harsh, potent chemicals. I thought the stronger the chemicals, the cleaner all of my things will be! What I was choosing to ignore was the damage I was doing to the world around me, not to mention the toxic stuff I was exposing myself to in the process. I have tried many of the more natural cleaning alternatives that are found at the local supermarket, like Ecostore and Earthwise (both very good and worth checking out). Then I discovered Sigrid’s, and fell just a little bit in love.

Sigrid’s make a range of certified natural and biodegradable products, right here in New Zealand. They are grey water and septic tank safe, and their packaging is recyclable. In other words, Sigrid’s was the answer to my dirtiest (but soon to be cleanest) dreams.

I was definitely sceptical at first. Surely something with only good stuff in it wouldn’t be able to clean my oven or my carpets, right? Not right at all! Not only is Sigrid’s amazing for all of the reasons mentioned above, this stuff does exactly what it is meant to do, and it won’t cost you the earth. In fact, it saves the earth! Oh boy.

v4_Oven_After copy

Personally, I found their Clothes and Linen Refresher Spray to be very handy. I have a beautiful old wooden wardrobe which I adore, but in the damper months it can get a bit musty. Their Refresher Spray worked a treat getting the damp smell out of my clothes quickly and easily. It doesn’t cover up the smell with scents or purfumes, it just deoudourises and leaves everything nice and fresh.

They also make a great range of baby and children’s products for keeping our littlest ones safe from nasties. You can catch them on Facebook or at

– EB

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