Pouch Products

Plastic bags are a hot topic at the moment, with many people in New Zealand currently campaigning for the use of them to be banned. I have seen many articles claiming that using plastic bags really isn’t a big deal, and doesn’t have as much of an impact on the environment as people think. These claims can be either correct or incorrect, depending on where you are getting your information from*. I think the most important thing to note is that the discussion surrounding this issue is a good starting point for the wider argument for sustainability. Buying and reusing my material grocery bags was a tipping point towards starting my eco-conscious journey, as it made me curious about the other things I could improve on, too. And that’s where Use Good Stuff eventually came from, so it’s definitely an important thing to think about! On that note, I want to introduce you to a business that has embraced this concept, and are actively working to make sustainability more simple and achievable for all of us.

Hailing from the beautiful Kapiti Coast, Pouch Products have created an extensive range of reusable bags and pouches for a variety of uses. All of their products are designed and made by hand, using processes which leave little or no waste. Pouch Products promote a reusable lifestyle, which lessens our dependence on plastic and the wastes associated with it.

photoOur Pouch Products haul!

We were very kindly supplied with a range of their products to try, and my personal favourites are the Carry Pouch and the Peg Pouch. My Carry Pouch has become my new laptop/book/paperwork/miscellaneous clutter bag, and I take it everywhere! It packs down nice and small into it’s own internal pocket, so when I’m not using it I leave it in my handbag. That way, I always have a reusable bag with me, which eliminates any need to take plastic bags from the checkouts. My hessian Peg Pouch has provided a super chic new hideout for our wooden clothes pegs, and it hangs readily in the laundry cupboard when not in use. I’ve also seen these being used to store cleaning cloths/rags which is a very handy idea!

As well as the items mentioned above, they make grocery and produce bags (similar to those previously featured from The Green Collective). They even make carry bags for swimming togs, so they have remedied a lot of the situations where we would usually depend on plastic bags!

Their creations come in lots of different colours and designs, so there is something to suit everyone. Have a look at their full range at www.pouchproducts.co.nz, or pay them a visit on Facebook.

– EB

*For a good little summary of the debate around this issue, see http://www.earth911.com/earth-watch/plastic-bags-debate/


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