June Round-Up

Uhhhm, can someone please tell me how we’ve arrived at the end of June already? I remember being very young and hearing my Mum say things like “Time goes by so fast these days!” and thinking, “Oh, that must be something only old people experience, I’m glad that will never happen to me”. But now, I am an old lady, and I understand completely.

In the last few weeks we have had some great updates from our regular writers. Poppy amazed us by making her own zero waste cheese, James shared some really interesting points about the fossil fuel industry, and E Cus provided some advice on how to take care of unwanted guests in your vege garden! If you missed any of these, be sure to go back and take a peek.

I admit that I’ve taken it a bit slower in terms of the blog this month, May was so much busier and crazier than I planned and it wore me out! (See the previous explanation about how I am just a bit too old). But, do not fret, July will see us come back swinging. I’ve got a new concept for our product features/articles/things that I’m hoping everyone will like. We will have more giveaways on Facebook for you as well, because we know you like those 🙂

July will also see our first guest contributor post, which I am very excited about. One of my biggest desires for the blog is to have more people contributing with varied and interesting topics, so I’m very happy that we are making progress with that! As always, if you would like to contribute something, or you know someone who you think we should talk to, let us know!

Thanks for sticking around, we hope you are enjoying following along with us. Have a wonderful July, and keep warm because oh wow it is cold.

– Blick



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