Honeywrap – Anja Hess

IMG_2857_1024x1024Always on the look out to decrease my environmental footprint, I came across the Honey Wrap at Henry Trading in Lyttelton. I have been looking for years now to find a way of reducing the amount of plastic waste I generate. Having grown up with packed lunches and the habit of wrapping food that goes into the fridge, I wasn’t exactly spoiled for choices with tin foil and cling wrap being the readily available convenient options. I haven’t bought aluminium foil for years knowing it is one of the worst polluting household items, not only during production but also after having been discarded. Cling wrap is a one use item. Wrap your lunch then throw away…Much to my partners grief I am brought up to recycle plastic bags. Wash them, dry them and re-use. It is still plastic though. When my GP recommended cutting down my exposure to plastic, especially in connection to food and drink, I had finally received the proverbial kick to seriously search for a solution to the plastic dilemma.

Introducing Honey Wrap! It was by chance that I found the wrap in the Lyttleton store known for local and conscientious products. I was intrigued by the simple solution: a cloth drenched in beeswax and essential oils to cover bowls, plates and other containers, to wrap my lunches, cakes and muffins. My first Honey Wrap is a happy yellow with colourful fruit prints all over. I moved the cheese bag straight from the fridge into the bin having proved to be useless at keeping the cheese soft. My Honey Wrap does exactly what it promises to do. Every cheese has now got a small sized wrap to keep in the ‘scent’ and moisture. They are easy to clean from crumbs, icing and smelly cheese. Easy storage is only one of the bonus points.

With the original cardboard packaging came a patch of wild flower seeds for the bees – nice touch!

I am recommending the Honey Wrap to friends and family. It is handy, good for my conscience and the planet. I am about to splash out on a size XL to wrap my bread in it. With the delicious honey smell and its endless usage options I hereby declare the Honey Wrap my favourite 2015 product.



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