July Round-Up

July has certainly been a bit cold and miserable here in Christchurch. I’m currently at my desk listening to a very blustery wind, eating some tasty soup, finishing off some red wine… Maybe it’s not all bad 🙂

It’s been another busy few weeks on the blog. We have had our first posts submitted from a couple of guest writers and they were both received very well. You can check out Anja’s awesome honeywrap review here, and Sarah’s brilliant piece on reusable menstrual products here. We had our first ever “viral” blog experience with Sarah’s piece, which received more views in 2 days than our entire website received in our first month! How incredible is that?! I mean it makes the rest of us look a bit shit, but I’m not even mad about it.

I’m already super excited about August. The Use Good Stuff team will be out in force (in cute matching outfits nonetheless) at the Go Green Expo, which is happening in Christchurch on August 15th. If you are going to be attending, make sure you are keeping track of us on our social media accounts, as we would love to meet some of our readers! We may even have some surprises for some of those who bump into us at the event…

If you have missed any of our updates this month, don’t worry! That’s what this written-at-7pm-5-days-after-it-was-meant-to-be-posted mess is all about. Our regular writers were all back doing what they do best. E Cus had some hot tips for getting the best out of your lemon tree (yes, it includes peeing on it). Poppy gave us an awesome breakdown on how to zero waste your bathroom, while James filled us in on renewable energy. I also put together a post featuring some of my favourite lunchtime items, which have helped me to de-trash my daily lunches! Hopefully you found something you like in amongst all of this good stuff.

Also, we just hit 1500 likes on Facebook a couple of days ago – yay 😀

Happy August, everybody! As always, thanks for reading and be sure to follow along for more updates!

– Blick

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