Reused crafts – We’re on a roll!

This week I thought I would put something a little different on the blog for ya’ll – a cheeky bit of crafting! I’ve always been a sucker for DIY crafting fun, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed we had gathered a lot of old toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. Obviously these can be recycled so they aren’t the most offensive household waste item, but more enjoyably, they can be reused and turned into handy things! So I hit up my usual spot for seeking craft inspiration, Pinterest, and set to work!

I came across lots of interesting things to do with ye olde toilet tube, including sculptures, wall art, and even mini planter boxes for herbs! I settled on making up some cute wee gift boxes (in an attempt to get über prepared for Christmas). There were heaps of different designs that all looked awesome, but they were all made with the same easy folding technique, so I started from there and then chucked my own designs together. I didn’t have to purchase anything to make these. I used brown paper and ribbons that I had from old gift wrapping, as well as stickers and other random bits and bobs that I already had in my craft collection. If you aren’t a regular crafter you might need to grab a few things to use as decorations, but other than that these can be done with no dollar spending, which is a big plus!

1. Gathering supplies

image copy

All of the supplies in the image above I found around the house and/or in my stash of crafting goodies. I had some ribbons, twine/cord, a selection of stickers which I kept from an old Kikki.K diary, scissors, glue, tape and (not pictured) some brown wrapping/packing paper. Side note: I buy rolls of brown paper and use/reuse it with different coloured ribbons instead of buying patterned wrapping paper. It costs less than $6 per roll depending on where you find it, makes your gifts look unique, and you get a lot more for your money!

With all of my required tools collected, I sat down in the sun at my kitchen table and started creating!

2. Wrapping the rolls

image-5 copyimage-4 copy

Not an essential step, as obviously the toilet rolls are already brown, but some of the rolls I was using were a bit battered so I covered them with the brown paper to make them look better. I roughly measured and cut my paper before gluing it around the tube, and tucked the excess paper over the edges of the rolls as pictured above.

3. Folding into boxes

photoimage-3 copy

This part was a bit trickier than I thought it would be, and took a bit of practice to get it looking right! Basically you just fold the sides of the ends of the roll down into the centre until you get a sort of crescent moon shape. My first few attempts were pretty rough, but after a few tries you get the hang of it!

4. Decorating 

By far the most fun part! I had a great time coming up with different ways to use all of my embellishments and adornments, none of which were particularly Christmas-y (at all) but they still look cute. Here are a few of my favourites (the cat chasing the mouse is number 1, obviously):

image-2 copy

I hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to share any of your own creations with us either on Facebook or Instagram! Obviously these gift boxes are only little, so they are perfect for those small pressies and stocking stuffers!


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