Global Soap

In my never-ending quest to find more natural skin products, I have come across another great company to share with you all!

Based in Nelson NZ, Global Soap have been handcrafting soaps and other goodies since 1997. It is run by sisters-in-law Ing-Marie and Bronwyn Shallcrass. They use the traditional cold-process method to create their soaps, and over the years have increased their range to include lip smoothies, laundry bars, shampoo bars, fizz bombs and a whole lot more!

I first came across Global Soap about a month ago when we attended the Go Green Expo in Christchurch. I wandered past their stall eyeing everything up, and settled on a few little products that piqued my curiosity. The first was the lip smoothie. I’ve never really been one for lip gloss or lip stick, but these intrigued me (and smelt delicious) so I decided to give one a try. I also picked up the clothing stain remover bar and some of their baby and toddler soap, which I gifted to my sister to try on her 2 little boys.



My Global Soap goodies from the expo, on the left side of the image!

The lip smoothie I was really very impressed with, and have almost used it all up. It is a bit softer/more smooth than some other natural lip balms I have tried, and the flavour is really yummy 🙂 They also do a range of lip tints which are a natural alternative for lipsticks/colours; I mentioned I’m not normally one for lip colours but I think I will try one of these next because I liked the smoothie so much – how adventurous of me!

I had never tried a natural clothing stain remover before finding this one, and was very captivated by the idea of it coming in the form of a soap bar. I first tried it on some old t-shirts that had old anti-perspirant marks on them, these stains had been there for a while so I wasn’t holding out much hope. I was genuinely quite surprised at the difference it made, considering the age of the marks. A couple of weeks after this I woke up one morning with a bloody nose (sorry, TMI?), and my pillowcase was a bit worse for wear. The Global Soap stain remover tackled the mess just as well as any non-natural product would, so I was very happy that I did not have to retire my favourite pillowcase! At the time I wasn’t certain I would be reviewing the products, so unfortunately didn’t take any before/after pictures. But, luckily(?), I drop food on my clothing on a regular basis, so next time I use the product I will share some images so you can all see for yourselves! Or, even better, you could buy some and give it a try 🙂

For handmade, natural products, the Global Soap range is so reasonably priced – I will definitely be placing another order for myself soon! They also sell kits to make your own soap with, which I think is such an awesome idea, we might get some for a Use Good Stuff team building exercise and feature it on the blog!
So if you like the sound of these products, check out their website and their Facebook page!
– Blick

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