Hayley Benseman – NZ Natural Beauty

Based in Taranaki NZ, Hayley Benseman has created her own range of natural beauty products which features everything from fingernail conditioner to natural make up remover and clay masks. Her ultimate focus was to create healthy and safe products which could be affordable for everybody, and she very generously provided us with a whole bunch of her creations to try. Everything she sent to us came with a wee instruction sheet which included all of the ingredients used, and all of the gorgeous packaging which Hayley uses is either recycled or reusable. She clearly has a lot of passion for what she does and that is reflected in her awesome products! Keep reading to see what we thought of the samples we tried!

HayleyBensemanOur samples from Hayley 🙂

Calendula and Frankincense Cleanser

I haven’t been using any face washes or cleansers for a long time, mainly because the ones I used to use had microbeads in them (gross) or weren’t natural and I hadn’t got around to finding replacements yet. The cleanser from Hayley’s range is really quite good and I have noticed a difference to the suppleness of my skin. It’s also very good for getting makeup residue off if you’ve missed any the night before! EDIT: After a particularly bad combo of stress/hormone related acne and eczema, I turned to the Calendula and Frankincense Cleanser once again and was amazed at how fast it helped heal me up!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 12.39.32 pm
My results from using Hayley’s cleanser – this was just after 3 days!

Eye Make Up Remover

Speaking of removing makeup, this product is an absolute gem. It was the first time I had ever tried a natural alternative for makeup removal and I love it. Obviously it’s important to reduce the use of makeup wipes etc that go to landfill so I would recommend this to anyone currently looking for a substitute for those products. It’s easy to use with some warm water and a facecloth and honestly, I think it works better than makeup wipes! And it smells nice 🙂

Divinity Hand Cream

This hand cream is divine, so the name is very fitting. It is very luxurious and creamy and smells great, I’ve been using it everyday for the last couple of weeks and am noticing a big difference in the dry skin around my cuticles and knuckles. You only need to use a little bit each time, my 60ml tub is serving me very well, I think I could get a couple of months out of it easy!

Vanilla Nut Lipbalm

One word for this one: Yum. Yum yum yum. The beeswax base means this lip balm is super easy to apply and it also lasts a lot better than others I’ve tried. I’m a big almond fan so the almond flavour goes down a real treat.

Mineral Clay Mask

Hayley also provided us with some of her clay face mask to try. We are currently planning a bit of a get together/pamper session to celebrate hitting 2000 likes on Facebook, so I’m saving it for that! I am more than prepared to go out on a limb and say that it will be as incredible as all of the other products, but will be sure to update this once we have tested it for ourselves!

Ultimately, Hayley’s range really does offer great value for money and I couldn’t be a bigger fan of it. Her website also offers some great recipes for homemade goodies, and you can also find her on Facebook. Check out her shop on Felt to order something to try for yourself!

A big thank you to Hayley for being so wonderful and getting involved with Use Good Stuff! 🙂

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