October Round-Up

The end of October is usually when I start having a bit of pre-holidays panic. Once again I have not started planning or shopping for Christmas, I’m realising that time is running out, and have resigned myself to the fact that all of my loved ones will be receiving socks or chocolates, or perhaps a cool combo of the two. This year I’ve been all over Pinterest and while I’m yet to make any real decisions, I think I’ll be doing some crafty, homemade presents this time around. Don’t worry Mum, it’ll be better than that time I tried to make you a photo frame out of a kitchen sponge. Promise.

While I’m attempting to get my Christmas prep done, you could go back and catch up on our blog posts from this month! Check out that seamless segue. The last few weeks have seen another update from each of our fantastic regular writers. E Cus filled us in on how to easily move between seasons with your garden crops, James covered deforestation, and Poppy talked about plastic straws and how they harm wildlife and the planet.

I took a pretty big step this month and finally made the commitment to go vegetarian. I put up a little post about it, and now that I’ve said it publicly I’ll absolutely have to stick with it!

Over the next few weeks we have a couple of really cool things coming up so be sure to stick around for those. We’ll have another guest post and a couple of cheeky giveaways before we start winding down for the holiday break! Have an incredible November, and Happy Halloween if you are into that sort of thing. See you next month! 🙂


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