The Use Good Stuff team have been fans of this company for a long time, so it only made sense that we got them added to the blog! Ethique does everything right. Their products are vegan, they are a certified climate friendly and cruelty free business, and they use compostable paper packaging. They make everything themselves in their lab in Christchurch (which runs on 100% renewable energy, no less!). What’s equally important is what they don’t do. Ethique doesn’t use palm oil, parabens, phthalates or any other nasties. Their solid hair and beauty bar range is innovative and effective, delivering quality products without the plastic wastes that would usually associated with them. One little bar of Ethique shampoo can equal 5 bottles of the traditional liquid stuff – that’s an awful lot of savings, for your wallet and for the planet!

I first discovered Ethique in late 2014 (then known as Sorbet) when I was doing initial research for the blog. They were always on our radar, and at the Go Green Expo back in August this year we came across their stall.  I bought one of their little sample boxes so I could try out a few different things – if you are new to solid beauty bars this is the way to do it. Because Brianne is a super nice person, she also sent me some extra samples to try before writing this review so I have had lots to experiment with! I will detail a few of my favourites below…


I am obsessed with this, there is no other way to put it. These funky little exfoliating cubes have been doing wonders for my face, and they smell so incredibly good. I’ve only been using them for a week but am definitely seeing a reduction in the dry patches that I get around my mouth and nose, and my skin just feels softer and healthier in general. My skin is pretty sensitive but I’ve found that Gingersnap is gentle enough and doesn’t upset it at all. I have got 3 washes out of one square, so with 16 squares in a box I’d say I’m set for a while!

damagecontrolDAMAGE CONTROL

The Damage Control shampoo bar is now my regular shampoo. I used to use bottles of organic shampoo which would set me back about $15 every month or so, and also contained palm oil, which isn’t ideal. I use the damage control bar 2-3 times a week and it is flawless. My old shampoo would keep my hair clean for a day before it started to look a bit scummy, but I can easily go a few days between washes now. It has a really nice, soft lather and the peppermint scent is so invigorating – it helps to wake me up in my morning shower when I’m feeling a bit drowsy 🙂

theguardian_1THE GUARDIAN

I got The Guardian conditioner in my swag of samples from the expo and it was my favourite of the bunch. I have quite dry hair and it has been a real lifesaver, it tames my flyaways and makes the dry ends a lot less noticeable. I blow dry my hair quite regularly but this conditioner helps to keep it so much smoother and silkier. My little sample has now run out so I need to get on to ordering more!

I am now a very devoted user of Ethique products and can’t really imagine myself using anything else from now on! My next purchase will be one of their cute little containers to keep all of my goodies in. They have a wide range of products on offer; there’s stuff for sensitive scalps, baby soaps, face cleansers and a whole more. They are currently working on a solid facemask too, which I am very excited to try. If you are at all curious about these amazing products (which I hope you are!) I suggest getting yourself a sampler and giving it a go, you won’t be disappointed!


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  1. These sound amazing the products love being introduced to new products and trying these out, and also I am big on supporting local Christchurch people and their creations!! 🙂

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