November Round-Up

This month has been another busy one! We’ve had a few really good updates on the blog over the last few weeks, and are getting ready for the end-of-year wind down.  We hit our 50th post last week which was a pretty exciting occasion, and also quite surprising to think we have done that many already! We have had some amazing weather in Canterbury lately, which makes perfect sense considering tomorrow is the first day of summer. I was actually in Akaroa for a few days recently and it was a completely stunning way to spend my last weekend in the South Island; I’m now going to gloat about it with a pretty little picture:


Just look at that view! So because I was away on a mini-holiday, I completely forgot to write this round-up on Friday, and as today is the last day of the month I’m in the tiniest bit of a hurry. I will therefore summarise this month’s Use Good Stuff updates with bulletpoints. I’m not lazy, just efficient! This month we covered…

Wowee, what a selection! If you missed anything, or thought something was just so good that you have to read it again, please go back and check it out! I have a busy week ahead as I move to Wellington this weekend and start a new job on Monday. I hope that whatever your week has in store for you, it is good and happy and fun 🙂


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