2016 – Make It Green!

Hello everybody and welcome back to Use Good Stuff for 2016! The new year is when a lot of us start setting new  goals – whether we stick to them or not, the intentions are good! If you still have room on your list for a few more resolutions, how about adding in some new enviro-friendly habits?

I’m not normally one for making super specific resolutions, because they aren’t always helpful. When 2015 started, my broad plan was to start slowly adopting habits that were easier on our planet than my existing ones. Pretty simple, really (and also sets the bar low, so I feel super special and proud when I do good. Pro tip). Last year I came a very long way. I switched to all natural beauty and bath products, gave up plastic bags, I even gave up meat! Say whaaaaaat. It was good to start easy and work  my way up to the harder things, so it wasn’t a huge change in my day-to-day existence, but after  whole year it added up to lots of good stuff!

This year, I’m pretty much just continuing from last year. Taking it one day at a time and continuing to educate myself about sustainable living. I do have a few specifics in mind for 2016… Like giving up coffee. I know 😦 so sad. I’ve been doing a bit of research on the industry surrounding coffee growing, and it definitely has a lot of environmental impact (as well as ethical problems) that I didn’t consider previously (there will be a blog post about this soon). I am a coffee addict so I’m not making any promises, but I will do my darnedest! Also, after  going vegetarian last year, committing to veganism is also on my radar. But, again, I’m just such a fiend for cheese. I have dramatically reduced my dairy intake over the last few months, most of my grocery shops would be approx 80% vegan. Progress is progress!

If you want some tips to get started on your greener 2016, we will leave some handy links below…

Well, that is about it from me! All the best for a terrific year ahead, and be sure to share your goals with us here or on Facebook!

❤ from Blick

“My new year’s resolution is to stop all the pollution” – Kendrick Lamar

(alright, it’s out of context, but I just love me some Kenny)

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