Go Bamboo


Go Bamboo is on a mission – to keep plastics out of our marine environments, by encouraging smarter consuming. They manufacture products which would traditionally be made from plastic, providing a better alternative for us, and for the planet. For their efforts they have received a Green Ribbon award for their contributions to waste minimisation, and they are going international with stockists in Australia, Japan and the UK. Not too shabby at all for a little company from Gisborne!

Their toothbrushes are made from natural bamboo (not laminate), which is a sustainably grown, biodegradable, raw material. The bristles they use are made from nylon 4 which is also biodegradable, so once you are done with your brush it can go straight to the compost! No plastic to be seen, not even in the packaging, which is all recycled cardboard. Not only that, these products are mega affordable, meaning there are very few excuses (if any) not to use them!

It is widely recommended that you change your toothbrush at the beginning of every season. If every person in New Zealand threw out a plastic brush 4 times a year, that would put almost 18 million toothbrushes into our landfill every year! I mean, not everyone brushes. Some people are babies, and some people are gross… But the number still has to be pretty dang high!

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.20.33 am

It may have all started with toothbrushes for Go Bamboo, but now they offer a whole range of other nifty little items like clothes pegs, vegetable brushes and surf wax combs.

But, what about the pandas? Don’t worry, we aren’t stealing any food from the pandas by using Go Bamboo products. They are made with a type of bamboo that pandas don’t care for, and don’t eat.

We CAN make a difference by putting a little more thought into the products we are buying. If you really *need* something, always look for the best version of it. If it’s bathroom essentials you want, give Go Bamboo a try. It’s the smart choice for a cleaner, healthier planet!

Find them on Facebook and visit their website to see the whole range 🙂

One thought on “Go Bamboo

  1. Please update your go bamboo review. They’ve now switched to using nylon 6 which is technically recyclable, though impractically so, and not biodegradable. Which makes their ‘biodegradable’ claims sadly misleading.


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