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I’m pretty much convinced that there is a sustainable and/or ethical alternative for every product we commonly use. There isn’t much we haven’t thought of already, which is pretty spectacular. We just need to look for those alternatives, is all! Stationery is found in every HL_greenx12__25514.1408158346.386.513household because it is just way too inconvenient not to have it lying around. The rage induced by not being able to find a pen or pair of scissors when the need arises is almost unspeakable. Running this little hobby blog from my bedroom means that I have quite a bit of stationery in my possession, and until recently it has just been el cheapo things from Warehouse Stationery and the like, because they don’t cost much and are easy to get my hands on. But guess what, there are better alternatives, and I found one!

coloured_all__39013.1408161419.1280.1280My Mojo is a great New Zealand owned company based in Auckland. They have created an impressive range of super cheap and accessible stationery with a low environmental impact. This even includes pens made from recycled plastic bottles and pencils made from recycled newspapers! So seriously clever. I’ve started slowly replacing my stationery set with their good stuff, as they have very nearly everything covered for school/home/work. Pens, pencils, (biodegradable!) rulers, pencil sharpeners, recycled notebooks, permanent markers and highlighters – gotta catch ‘em all.  Something else that is super cool about this company is that they offer their stuff to schools at really cheap prices. This means that our precious small humans are exposed to eco alternatives early, and can start learning about environmental consciousness from a much younger age.

We love My Mojo, and we think you will too. Find them on Facebook or check out their range online and, next time you find yourself needing to restock your stationery stash, give them a try!

– Blick

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