Zoo Deodorant

Natural deodorants tend to be a bit hit-and-miss. A lot of them aren’t so hot at keeping smells at bay throughout the day, and many use baking soda which is an irritant for a lot of people. When I started seeing Zoo Deodorant  all over my social media, I got rather excited. It was something brand spanking new that I had never heard of and I wanted to get my little mitts on it. There were quite a few reasons to be excited about this stuff, as it turned out. As well as being all natural with organic ingredients, it is vegan, cruelty free, made in NZ, and contains no baking soda, so should be good-o for those with sensitive skin.


The most special thing about this company is their involvement with The Orangutan Project. For every tub of Zoo Deodorant sold, 50 cents gets donated to this awesome cause. The Orangutan Project plays a vital part in rainforest protection and conserving the dwindling orangutan population. These beautiful animals are at risk of being the first of the Great Apes to become extinct, which is impossibly sad. Deforestation and the subsequent destruction of their habitat is the main culprit, with 80% of their habitat lost in just the last 20 years. Next time you are considering buying something containing palm oil, please, think of the orangutan! Palm oil plantations are a huge part of this issue. Hunting and illegal pet trade are also contributing factors. So, this project is inconceivably important, and any business supporting it is okay by us! I will link to the above facts and some further reading at the end of this post, make sure to give it a read and get educated about this stuff, okay pals?


As for my opinion on the product, I’m a fan. I’d never used a paste deodorant before so that took a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve done it a few times it’s all good. The scent is really refreshing, quite citrus-y. This isn’t going to stop sweating coz that’s not what it’s for. You want your body to sweat because that is natural and normal and not weird at all, no matter what all of those friggin’ anti-perspirant advertisements try to tell you. I found that Zoo kept me feeling really fresh throughout the morning but by mid-afternoon I sometimes need to reapply. I’m more than happy to admit that this is likely due to the fact that I’m a bit of a sweat monster – it might not be the same for everyone else. I’m in the habit of carrying it in my handbag in case I do manage to sweat off the first lot. But it totally does what it’s meant to, and it’s the right choice for your body, the planet AND the orangutan! Bonus.

You can buy this good stuff from their website or from any of their stockists. Give them a like on Facebook and if you are at all curious about this product, give it a go!

More info:




images via http://www.zoodeodorant.co.nz


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