Junk Free June!

We talk a lot about junk on this blog. Mostly, we’re discussing possessions and meaningless commodities – “stuff” that we accumulate that we really don’t need. Y’know what else you don’t need though? Junk FOOD! This year, Use Good Stuff is getting behind Junk Free June, a campaign all about giving up junk food while raising money for an important cause. A poor diet is linked to the development of many cancers and other health concerns, so it makes sense that we cut those bad things out in the name of good health! Absolutely all of the money made through Junk Free June donations goes directly to the Cancer Society of New Zealand, so get involved either by making the junk free pledge for yourself, or by donating via someone who is!

JunkFreeJune-02I have no problem admitting that I have a soft spot for treats and snacks, so I’m expecting this to be a bit of a challenge. It’s important to note that “junk” food will be different for everybody, as we all have our different vices. It’s also good to point out that having a healthy diet doesn’t mean never eating anything remotely “naughty”. Balance and moderation is key. That being said, I’ve made a list of the things I am personally going to try to avoid over the next 4 weeks, or at least drastically reduce my intake of:

  • ALCOHOL – Probably my biggest vice, awful for my health and my bank account…
  • ENERGY DRINKS – These I’m not too bad with, but if I’m feeling super tired or drowsy I will sometimes reach for a Red Bull to get me through the day. I would have about 4-6 a month usually.
  • CHIPPIES – I am a potato chip fiend and will eat an entire family bag alone in one sitting, easy. Just try me.
  • OREOS & SKITTLES – I love to treat myself with these as they just happen to be vegan. I can go without for a few weeks!

Things I can do snacking on that are healthy (or okay in moderation):

  • NUTS
  • POPCORN (not buttered, obviously)
  • DARK CHOCOLATE (a few squares occasionally is great, a whole block in a day… Not so much)

So now it’s all planned out, all that’s left is to do it! While eating healthy and being charitable are things we should all do as much as we possibly can, events such as this one that raise awareness and get people motivated are very valuable. That’s why Poppy and I (along with Poppy’s super cool friend and flatmate Colleen) have teamed up to give it a go! Be sure to let us know on Facebook if you are also taking part and let us know how you do! Read more about Junk Free June on their website and sign yourself up if you’re keen for the challenge. If you would like to donate to the Use Good Stuff campaign you can do so here.

Thanks for the support!

– Blick 🙂

images via nz.junkfreejune.org

2 thoughts on “Junk Free June!

  1. Good luck! IMHO there is some on your *bad list* that if you made good choices could transfer to the *good list*… well mainly the chippies. If you choose the type that are only potato, oil and salt, and eat them in moderation then you would be fine. (or maybe that’s just what I’m telling myself)


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