June Jumbles

Kia ora all!

Hope you are all doing well and staying warm and cosy. It certainly has been raining a lot… Good for the garden but not so good for my mood! There are a few things going on in my world at the moment so it’s going to be a bitsy post I’m afraid – hang in there, chaps!


When I first heard of this initiative I actually got it confused with Plastic Free July (another great idea, which you should all challenge yourselves to try).  It’s a pretty cool thing though, and it’s always nice to support the Cancer Society and all the great work they do.

Each person will define their own junk (heh) slightly differently, but here’s my crack at it:

Junk, rubbish, trash… We know I am not a fan. This month I am going to make more of an effort to reduce the things that often cause me to slip up when it comes to zero waste – Cheese (either don’t purchase or get unwrapped), Grease paper from late night fast food, anything bought online, chocolate (I’ll look into dark choc, bought bulk).

What I think is awesome about JFJ is that (hopefully) is will lessen the amount of trash the average person produces. Unless you make it at home with bulk ingredients, most junk foods will come in packaging that is less than ideal. If people cut out these treats (chips, lollies, fizzy, takeaways, baking, etc) then they can easily cut out a LOT of plastic wrapping from their lives. The flip side is that more and more produce is coming in excess packaging now so you have to be a bit selective (markets and produce stores are usually best). On that note, there’s a petition to get Countdown to stop over packaging their produce and you should sign it 🙂

Sweet treats – I wouldn’t call myself a sweet tooth, but sometimes I wonder if that’s only because I live in denial… I work in an office and every day I find myself snacking on some sort of sweet yummy goodness. We happen to work near a bakery that also sells seconds like broken cookies or slice ends, and often when one of my co-workers goes there for a sandwich they end up with a free 1kg bag of brownie! My willpower really needs a booster because I swear I end up demolishing that kilogram single-handedly. It’s a problem. From now onwards, fruit is my sweet treat (though I might make an exception for 1 slice of the Beetroot Choc Cake I’m going to make for the Green Party AGM this weekend… It’s kinda healthy?).

Fizzy Drinks – another nemesis of mine ☹ While I always choose to drink from cans, which are more versatile for recycling, it’s better to just cut back or cut out completely. This month I’m going to be hitting up hot water, tea, and some coffee to get through the day well hydrated.  When seriously craving that fizz, I’ll use my soda stream to make soda water and infuse it with fruits if I need a hipster kick.

Takeaways/fast food– Occasionally I fall into a takeaway trap when it’s late at night, I have just finished a show, and I find myself driving home and hangry. I am also a fan of fish & chip Friday. NOT THIS MONTH!! To avoid fast food binges I need to get a little more organised and make sure that I am satiated or supplied with jars of nuts or a trusty banana. And I might have to make homemade roast vege chips on Fridays, but they’re delicious so no complaints there.

So those are my BIG 4 this June. It’ll be a struggle at points but it’ll also keep me mindful, healthy, and force me to experiment with food a little more. Tonight I made pizza with a cauliflower base (my bf is ‘low carb’ which sounds torturous) and it was super scrumptious, if not instagramable.

Speaking of experimenting with food and trying new recipes, I wanted to share my latest discovery with you all. I’m very excited about it.

Recently I have been introduced to the miracle of the Organic Vege Box from Spring Fed Organics. For those of you who like to hop down to the Riccarton Bush Market on Saturday mornings, then you’ll know these awesome folks already. What you might not know is that they offer $30 or $50 boxes that are simply BURSTING with delicious, fresh and organic veges.
I ordered myself a $30 box via email, and popped down to the Exchange Chch (another cool spot) on Wilsons Rd to collect between 8-3 on a Tuesday.

Here’s my $30 box:

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.14.48 am

It included carrots (multi coloured), broccoli, Leek, ½ celery, beetroot, radishes, white turnips, potatoes, ½ pumpkin, ½ cabbage, spring onions, mesclun/lettuce leaves, kale, silverbeet (and coloured), spinach, parsley and dill.

Pretty incredible! I have ended up sharing it between at least two of my other flatmates and there’s plenty to go around.

I asked them to keep my potatoes loose (which they forgot on the second week but apologised!), and I think I will try to organise reusable salad bags for my mesclun. It sounds as though they are happy to reuse the banana boxes if I return them the next week, and I have been popping the rubber bands and plastic bags in there to reuse as well. The good news is that the bags are made from “biodegradable cornstarch plastic bags” so that’s better than nothing, though I would suggest asking for your ‘tatoes to be loose, coz why not?

That’s it for me this month, folks! I’ll be in touch next month – hopefully over the moon about our efforts for Junk Free June.

In other exciting news, I am going travelling from mid-July, spending two months in Europe and a month in Namibia! I’m super excited for my first big overseas adventure, and I’m interested to see how I keep up with my zero waste efforts while travelling. I’ll try to keep you all updated ☺

Stay groovy xx


2 thoughts on “June Jumbles

  1. I’ve recently started getting a fruit & veg box from Ooooby, and it’s such a great way to reduce packaging waste. They collect and reuse their boxes, and they use paper bags for the potatoes and other things that are covered in dirt to stop it spreading across everything else.


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