WE’AR Yoga

logowearWe are always on the lookout for ethical and eco-conscious fashion, and WE’AR is quickly making its way to the top of our favourites list! WE’AR is a New Zealand owned company, and their clothes are manufactured in Bali in small home workshops and factories. Their products are made from responsibly sourced organic cotton* and bamboo. They place a lot of importance on conscious living and conscious consumerism, and their extensively developed social profit, environmental and ethical policies are all available online. WE’AR is a living wage employer, and supports Yoga Education In Prisons Trust among other community and charity initiatives. They are an ideal model of a business taking their responsibility to the planet and to people very seriously. All of that makes them pretty darn good in our books!

A few weeks ago I got my hands on a pair of their New Romantic leggings, and I am very much enjoying them. It almost goes without saying, but they are beyond comfy. I’ve had an old back injury playing up recently, so have been doing a more-than-usual amount of lounging around with my hot water bottle stuffed down the back of my pants. My New Romantics have been the go-to comfort pants of choice. The high and wide waistband isn’t just for holding that hottie in – when I’m actually doing my yoga workouts it keeps the leggings from moving about or rolling down. Nothing more annoying than having to adjust clothing when you’re zoning out into your yoga zen – you won’t have that problem with these!

The bird pattern on the waist and the ankle cuffs is gorgeous, and the lower leg rouching is a great touch. The waist and ankles can both be folded up or down, so you can wear them however you like! These leggings come in a few different colour options, I’ve got them in the grey/orange but I’m eyeing up the navy ones too…Maybe the black….

Also, it’s not just yoga clothes! WE’AR have a huge range of fashion clothing, along with accessories, shoes and some BEAUTIFUL yoga mats which are naturally sourced, non-toxic and biodegradable.

See more good stuff from WE’AR on their Facebook or Instagram.

* all of their colour ways except grey marl are made from 90% organic cotton

images via facebook.com/wearyoga
more about ethical/eco fashion from our blog here and here

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