Oasis Beauty

So here we are, back again with our first post of 2017! After a restful holiday break, we are getting into the swing of things with a new product feature for you. Oasis Beauty is the favourite this month – read on to find out why!

Oasis Beauty is based in beautiful Oxford in Canterbury, with all of their products made locally in Christchurch. Natural and organic ingredients are used throughout their range. They specialise in sun care and skin repair for sensitive skin, don’t test on animals, and will even send free samples with every order made directly from their website!

Their commitment to animals doesn’t stop at being cruelty-free. They are supporters of numerous charities including World Animal Protection and SAFE, and their Oasis Retreat, located nearby their HQ, provides a safe haven for rescued and re-homed furry friends.

oasis-sun-50ml-tube-web_1024x1024_00240f0e-d413-4573-87df-dab48243b337_1024x1024You’ll find amazing moisturisers, cleansers, and makeup among the Oasis range, but the product that sold me is their sunscreen. As an individual with (very) pale and mole-y skin, sun protection is pretty vital. Add to that my skin’s tendency to be sensitive, irritable and prone to acne… Finding a decent sunscreen has been a bit of a mission! The Oasis range has been a huge relief for me, and just in time for the harsh New Zealand summer! I’m very grateful to finally have reliable and effective sun protection, all from a generous local company!

Oasis Beauty get a big thumbs up from us, so why not try it for yourselves? Shop online or at any of their retailers across New Zealand, and find them on Facebook!

P.S. Check out the video on their About page for some bonus info on their smart postal packaging!

images via oasisbeauty.com


WE’AR Yoga

logowearWe are always on the lookout for ethical and eco-conscious fashion, and WE’AR is quickly making its way to the top of our favourites list! WE’AR is a New Zealand owned company, and their clothes are manufactured in Bali in small home workshops and factories. Their products are made from responsibly sourced organic cotton* and bamboo. They place a lot of importance on conscious living and conscious consumerism, and their extensively developed social profit, environmental and ethical policies are all available online. WE’AR is a living wage employer, and supports Yoga Education In Prisons Trust among other community and charity initiatives. They are an ideal model of a business taking their responsibility to the planet and to people very seriously. All of that makes them pretty darn good in our books!

A few weeks ago I got my hands on a pair of their New Romantic leggings, and I am very much enjoying them. It almost goes without saying, but they are beyond comfy. I’ve had an old back injury playing up recently, so have been doing a more-than-usual amount of lounging around with my hot water bottle stuffed down the back of my pants. My New Romantics have been the go-to comfort pants of choice. The high and wide waistband isn’t just for holding that hottie in – when I’m actually doing my yoga workouts it keeps the leggings from moving about or rolling down. Nothing more annoying than having to adjust clothing when you’re zoning out into your yoga zen – you won’t have that problem with these!

The bird pattern on the waist and the ankle cuffs is gorgeous, and the lower leg rouching is a great touch. The waist and ankles can both be folded up or down, so you can wear them however you like! These leggings come in a few different colour options, I’ve got them in the grey/orange but I’m eyeing up the navy ones too…Maybe the black….

Also, it’s not just yoga clothes! WE’AR have a huge range of fashion clothing, along with accessories, shoes and some BEAUTIFUL yoga mats which are naturally sourced, non-toxic and biodegradable.

See more good stuff from WE’AR on their Facebook or Instagram.

* all of their colour ways except grey marl are made from 90% organic cotton

images via facebook.com/wearyoga
more about ethical/eco fashion from our blog here and here

Fiji Spice Queen

Meet Francesca Brice. Successful business woman, entrepreneur, parent, perfumer, frisky bohemian, lover of adventure, travel and all that life has to offer. And if it’s not offered…she’ll go looking. Born in Wellington, Francesca lived out a cheeky childhood. At the age of 20, she did the OE thing and found herself in Greece which is where her adventures into perfume began. Now she is back in New Zealand, but never one to sit still for long, she travels extensively, immersing herself deeply in the countries and cultures she experiences. This lady has stories to tell…that’s for sure!!

So, here are a few gems; some insights into the colourful life and times of Francesca Brice and her newest brand Fiji Spice Queen. I love the way she writes so whilst I came up with the questions, the answers are all her own words.

Fiji Spice Queen HandsWhen was your first visit to Fiji and what was it in particular that inspired you to create the spice queen..??

The first real visit to Fiji came in about 2002 when I was on holiday there with Kate, my business partner in Pacific Perfumes. Those of you who have a self made business will understand it always travels on your shoulder, especially at the beginning. Strolling through Nadi we decided to check out the possibility of selling our Perfumes there and bingo! We ended up in the executive boardroom of a large corporate tourist retailer there. Wearing holiday gear and with a handful of testers and a couple of restless kids in tow we clinched a deal to supply a few starter packs of solid perfumes to them.

Years later and with friendships under my belt, another major retailer friend suggested I create some skincare in Fiji and my enthusiasm was ignited. Borders have never inhibited me. Of course, I could never have done it without my wonderful friend and Co-Founder of the Fiji Spice Queen, Linley Ramsay, who brings a whole lot of talents to the mix. We started school together and when I was looking for a partner and asked her, she was right in there. Just like we did as kids. The playing field is different but our energy is the same. We really balance and support each other out through the challenges, the highs and random balls that get thrown at us.

Fiji Spoice Queen Where your world meets paradiseWhats the story behind the name of this brand….??

As a perfumer for my other company, Pacific Perfumes I interact with a blog called CafleureBon, a perfume and beauty blog featuring perfume reviews, beauty news, perfumer interviews, etc. The Editor in Chief, Michelyn Camen who is an amazing woman, suggested that I create a perfume called Fiji Spice Queen. I immediately fell in love with the name but couldn’t feel the essence of how a perfume would unfold, how to do justice to such a powerful name. It excited me enough to hang around in my head so when the concept of a skincare range was born it was clear that the Fiji Spice Queen was a title that could take on a skincare range, a Legend and more. I’m forever grateful to Michelyn for the gift of her creativity.

You’re experienced at this….!! You know there are heaps of beauty brands out there. How is the spice queen different and how do you keep coming up with new and exciting things for her to be..??

Fiji Spice Queen is Fiji’s first Certified Cruelty Free skincare company and we are setting a real point of difference there in Fiji. We want to educate people about this. It means people connecting more with animals and realising that they deserve to be treated with respect. There’s a long way to go everywhere with this and especially in Fiji as people have not had the educational opportunities about animals that we have here in New Zealand. There are some terrific people on the ground there working for animals. Let’s give a shout out to animalsfiji.org.

We also have a vision to collaborate with other companies in Fiji to produce more of the natural raw ingredients that we use in our skincare, which currently we must import. We’re working on this. Our skincare is top notch – we worked with Dr Wendy Maddocks, (a whizz in the lab) here in New Zealand to produce formulas which are truly nourishing and rich with goodness and we didn’t compromise on this. We harness the goodness of pure organic Coconut oil, Dilo oil (a true healer) and Noni and we use Fair Trade raw sugar in our Scrubs.

Finally, as a company we’d like to be a forerunner with sustainable environmental practises and how we share the economy, collaborating with community partners on issues such as waste education, getting into schools and instigating projects with kids. We’d like to become an influencer for other local start-ups in Fiji, with a special focus on gender equality issues.

You travel a lot – obviously Fiji has been a huge inspo for you after Greece. Are there any other places close to your heart, and why/how have they left such a lasting impression..??

I have always loved India as a place to travel. It’s so wild and uncontrolled in many ways. It appeals to my emotional, spiritual side where the fact that animals wander the streets, cows, camels, monkeys and even elephants is a world I like. It’s chaotic but I find peace there. I have to also mention Japan where Zen Temples, Harajuku Bridge, Snow Monkeys, Hokusai and Horseback Archery have all contributed to my rich travelling experiences…and meeting the Tokyo designer who created the Issey Miyake catalogue for his Pleats Show. Inspirational.…

I like to feel that my identity is fluid when I travel. It can shift from who you were before you traveled, who you are in the present (surrounded by difference) and where you are being led to in the future. It’s freedom from convention in many ways. After leaving Greece I realised that a part of the attraction of living in a different culture was the fact that I was apart from it. Being a “Xeni’ or ‘foreigner’ as I was called then gave me much more leverage to do things differently and a logical explanation/reason in other peoples (Greek) minds for it 🙂

Francesca Fiji Spice QueenIf you could teach us a lesson about business, what would it be..??

Push past the ‘Idea’ as a word and make it a reality. With attention and focus you can make it happen. When I need some encouragement I look up at my wall and read my favourite quote which for me, says it all:

‘Whatever you can do or dream you can do, Begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!’

Are you still in love with Elvis..?? Fave song..??

Sadly Elvis and I have parted 🙂 Fave enduring song and one I want at my funeral is Imagine by John Lennon. I love the remix version of this by Herbie Hancock featuring Pink, Seal, India Arie, Jeff beck, Oumou Sangare and Kokono No.1.

Thanks so much Francesca. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers and finding out more about you and the Spice Queen…I’m listening to Herbie’s version of Imagine as I write this – very cool. You’re an inspirational lady and I’m excited to be part of the Fiji Spice Queen’s journey.

To find out more about Fiji Spice Queen and shop their range visit their Green Elephant Store.

Words and images provided by Gillian at Green Elephant. Read more from Gillian on their blog.

Zoo Deodorant

Natural deodorants tend to be a bit hit-and-miss. A lot of them aren’t so hot at keeping smells at bay throughout the day, and many use baking soda which is an irritant for a lot of people. When I started seeing Zoo Deodorant  all over my social media, I got rather excited. It was something brand spanking new that I had never heard of and I wanted to get my little mitts on it. There were quite a few reasons to be excited about this stuff, as it turned out. As well as being all natural with organic ingredients, it is vegan, cruelty free, made in NZ, and contains no baking soda, so should be good-o for those with sensitive skin.


The most special thing about this company is their involvement with The Orangutan Project. For every tub of Zoo Deodorant sold, 50 cents gets donated to this awesome cause. The Orangutan Project plays a vital part in rainforest protection and conserving the dwindling orangutan population. These beautiful animals are at risk of being the first of the Great Apes to become extinct, which is impossibly sad. Deforestation and the subsequent destruction of their habitat is the main culprit, with 80% of their habitat lost in just the last 20 years. Next time you are considering buying something containing palm oil, please, think of the orangutan! Palm oil plantations are a huge part of this issue. Hunting and illegal pet trade are also contributing factors. So, this project is inconceivably important, and any business supporting it is okay by us! I will link to the above facts and some further reading at the end of this post, make sure to give it a read and get educated about this stuff, okay pals?


As for my opinion on the product, I’m a fan. I’d never used a paste deodorant before so that took a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve done it a few times it’s all good. The scent is really refreshing, quite citrus-y. This isn’t going to stop sweating coz that’s not what it’s for. You want your body to sweat because that is natural and normal and not weird at all, no matter what all of those friggin’ anti-perspirant advertisements try to tell you. I found that Zoo kept me feeling really fresh throughout the morning but by mid-afternoon I sometimes need to reapply. I’m more than happy to admit that this is likely due to the fact that I’m a bit of a sweat monster – it might not be the same for everyone else. I’m in the habit of carrying it in my handbag in case I do manage to sweat off the first lot. But it totally does what it’s meant to, and it’s the right choice for your body, the planet AND the orangutan! Bonus.

You can buy this good stuff from their website or from any of their stockists. Give them a like on Facebook and if you are at all curious about this product, give it a go!

More info:

Threats to Orangutans



images via http://www.zoodeodorant.co.nz


My Mojo – Eco Stationery


I’m pretty much convinced that there is a sustainable and/or ethical alternative for every product we commonly use. There isn’t much we haven’t thought of already, which is pretty spectacular. We just need to look for those alternatives, is all! Stationery is found in every HL_greenx12__25514.1408158346.386.513household because it is just way too inconvenient not to have it lying around. The rage induced by not being able to find a pen or pair of scissors when the need arises is almost unspeakable. Running this little hobby blog from my bedroom means that I have quite a bit of stationery in my possession, and until recently it has just been el cheapo things from Warehouse Stationery and the like, because they don’t cost much and are easy to get my hands on. But guess what, there are better alternatives, and I found one!

coloured_all__39013.1408161419.1280.1280My Mojo is a great New Zealand owned company based in Auckland. They have created an impressive range of super cheap and accessible stationery with a low environmental impact. This even includes pens made from recycled plastic bottles and pencils made from recycled newspapers! So seriously clever. I’ve started slowly replacing my stationery set with their good stuff, as they have very nearly everything covered for school/home/work. Pens, pencils, (biodegradable!) rulers, pencil sharpeners, recycled notebooks, permanent markers and highlighters – gotta catch ‘em all.  Something else that is super cool about this company is that they offer their stuff to schools at really cheap prices. This means that our precious small humans are exposed to eco alternatives early, and can start learning about environmental consciousness from a much younger age.

We love My Mojo, and we think you will too. Find them on Facebook or check out their range online and, next time you find yourself needing to restock your stationery stash, give them a try!

– Blick

images from http://www.mymojo.co.nz

Go Bamboo


Go Bamboo is on a mission – to keep plastics out of our marine environments, by encouraging smarter consuming. They manufacture products which would traditionally be made from plastic, providing a better alternative for us, and for the planet. For their efforts they have received a Green Ribbon award for their contributions to waste minimisation, and they are going international with stockists in Australia, Japan and the UK. Not too shabby at all for a little company from Gisborne!

Their toothbrushes are made from natural bamboo (not laminate), which is a sustainably grown, biodegradable, raw material. The bristles they use are made from nylon 4 which is also biodegradable, so once you are done with your brush it can go straight to the compost! No plastic to be seen, not even in the packaging, which is all recycled cardboard. Not only that, these products are mega affordable, meaning there are very few excuses (if any) not to use them!

It is widely recommended that you change your toothbrush at the beginning of every season. If every person in New Zealand threw out a plastic brush 4 times a year, that would put almost 18 million toothbrushes into our landfill every year! I mean, not everyone brushes. Some people are babies, and some people are gross… But the number still has to be pretty dang high!

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.20.33 am

It may have all started with toothbrushes for Go Bamboo, but now they offer a whole range of other nifty little items like clothes pegs, vegetable brushes and surf wax combs.

But, what about the pandas? Don’t worry, we aren’t stealing any food from the pandas by using Go Bamboo products. They are made with a type of bamboo that pandas don’t care for, and don’t eat.

We CAN make a difference by putting a little more thought into the products we are buying. If you really *need* something, always look for the best version of it. If it’s bathroom essentials you want, give Go Bamboo a try. It’s the smart choice for a cleaner, healthier planet!

Find them on Facebook and visit their website to see the whole range 🙂

FRANK Stationery

It’s pretty easy to be a bit of a Negative Nancy about the idea of business. It’s all about corporate greed and making profit and exploiting people, right? While there are certainly some less-than-desirable business models out there, there are also plenty of nice people doing nice stuff – and those are the ones we like to talk about here!

When I first stumbled across FRANK stationery, I was perving through one of my favourite websites, The Good Design Store. I saw some of their almost-illegally-cute exercise books and notebooks and immediately thought, “I must own these”. Since they were on The Good Design Store site I knew they must have been “good” products, but I wanted to know more. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that FRANK is so much more than a stationery company. For every piece of stationery they sell, they donate the same item to a child in need. How perfect.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 8.26.47 pm

Education is far from free in New Zealand. For low income families, the cost of school supplies can be an overwhelming burden. Books, stationery, uniforms – none of it comes cheap! Every child deserves to get the most out of their education, which is a crucial tool for lifting people out of poverty. FRANK helps those who struggle to access these important resources by donating supplies to low decile schools. It’s altruism at its finest, and we can all learn a lot from it!

Coloured_Pencils_large1Recycled wood pencils = A+ (available in HB and colour!)

I don’t study anymore, so I don’t exactly have the “need” for cute stationery. I still like to have journals and notebooks around me because I like to write ideas down when they come to me, or draw little pictures and funny doodles. It’s something that I’ve always done and is a habit that has helped me grow creatively, and just develop as a person. All people, especially kids who have endless imagination and potential, should have access to these tools. That’s what FRANK is providing, and it is really important and special. Now whenever I fill up a journal I know exactly where to buy my next one, and someone in need gets something out of it too.


My current FRANK journal!

To learn more about how FRANK gives back to our communities, you can check out their website, blog and YouTube videos. You can also find them on Facebook – Go give them a like and tell them how cool they are.

Images taken from http://www.frankstationery.com

To read more about child poverty in New Zealand visit https://www.unicef.org.nz/learn/our-work-in-new-zealand/Child-Poverty-in-New-Zealand




The Use Good Stuff team have been fans of this company for a long time, so it only made sense that we got them added to the blog! Ethique does everything right. Their products are vegan, they are a certified climate friendly and cruelty free business, and they use compostable paper packaging. They make everything themselves in their lab in Christchurch (which runs on 100% renewable energy, no less!). What’s equally important is what they don’t do. Ethique doesn’t use palm oil, parabens, phthalates or any other nasties. Their solid hair and beauty bar range is innovative and effective, delivering quality products without the plastic wastes that would usually associated with them. One little bar of Ethique shampoo can equal 5 bottles of the traditional liquid stuff – that’s an awful lot of savings, for your wallet and for the planet!

I first discovered Ethique in late 2014 (then known as Sorbet) when I was doing initial research for the blog. They were always on our radar, and at the Go Green Expo back in August this year we came across their stall.  I bought one of their little sample boxes so I could try out a few different things – if you are new to solid beauty bars this is the way to do it. Because Brianne is a super nice person, she also sent me some extra samples to try before writing this review so I have had lots to experiment with! I will detail a few of my favourites below…


I am obsessed with this, there is no other way to put it. These funky little exfoliating cubes have been doing wonders for my face, and they smell so incredibly good. I’ve only been using them for a week but am definitely seeing a reduction in the dry patches that I get around my mouth and nose, and my skin just feels softer and healthier in general. My skin is pretty sensitive but I’ve found that Gingersnap is gentle enough and doesn’t upset it at all. I have got 3 washes out of one square, so with 16 squares in a box I’d say I’m set for a while!

damagecontrolDAMAGE CONTROL

The Damage Control shampoo bar is now my regular shampoo. I used to use bottles of organic shampoo which would set me back about $15 every month or so, and also contained palm oil, which isn’t ideal. I use the damage control bar 2-3 times a week and it is flawless. My old shampoo would keep my hair clean for a day before it started to look a bit scummy, but I can easily go a few days between washes now. It has a really nice, soft lather and the peppermint scent is so invigorating – it helps to wake me up in my morning shower when I’m feeling a bit drowsy 🙂

theguardian_1THE GUARDIAN

I got The Guardian conditioner in my swag of samples from the expo and it was my favourite of the bunch. I have quite dry hair and it has been a real lifesaver, it tames my flyaways and makes the dry ends a lot less noticeable. I blow dry my hair quite regularly but this conditioner helps to keep it so much smoother and silkier. My little sample has now run out so I need to get on to ordering more!

I am now a very devoted user of Ethique products and can’t really imagine myself using anything else from now on! My next purchase will be one of their cute little containers to keep all of my goodies in. They have a wide range of products on offer; there’s stuff for sensitive scalps, baby soaps, face cleansers and a whole more. They are currently working on a solid facemask too, which I am very excited to try. If you are at all curious about these amazing products (which I hope you are!) I suggest getting yourself a sampler and giving it a go, you won’t be disappointed!


Header and stock images courtesy of http://www.ethique.co.nz

Hayley Benseman – NZ Natural Beauty

Based in Taranaki NZ, Hayley Benseman has created her own range of natural beauty products which features everything from fingernail conditioner to natural make up remover and clay masks. Her ultimate focus was to create healthy and safe products which could be affordable for everybody, and she very generously provided us with a whole bunch of her creations to try. Everything she sent to us came with a wee instruction sheet which included all of the ingredients used, and all of the gorgeous packaging which Hayley uses is either recycled or reusable. She clearly has a lot of passion for what she does and that is reflected in her awesome products! Keep reading to see what we thought of the samples we tried!

HayleyBensemanOur samples from Hayley 🙂

Calendula and Frankincense Cleanser

I haven’t been using any face washes or cleansers for a long time, mainly because the ones I used to use had microbeads in them (gross) or weren’t natural and I hadn’t got around to finding replacements yet. The cleanser from Hayley’s range is really quite good and I have noticed a difference to the suppleness of my skin. It’s also very good for getting makeup residue off if you’ve missed any the night before! EDIT: After a particularly bad combo of stress/hormone related acne and eczema, I turned to the Calendula and Frankincense Cleanser once again and was amazed at how fast it helped heal me up!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 12.39.32 pm

My results from using Hayley’s cleanser – this was just after 3 days!

Eye Make Up Remover

Speaking of removing makeup, this product is an absolute gem. It was the first time I had ever tried a natural alternative for makeup removal and I love it. Obviously it’s important to reduce the use of makeup wipes etc that go to landfill so I would recommend this to anyone currently looking for a substitute for those products. It’s easy to use with some warm water and a facecloth and honestly, I think it works better than makeup wipes! And it smells nice 🙂

Divinity Hand Cream

This hand cream is divine, so the name is very fitting. It is very luxurious and creamy and smells great, I’ve been using it everyday for the last couple of weeks and am noticing a big difference in the dry skin around my cuticles and knuckles. You only need to use a little bit each time, my 60ml tub is serving me very well, I think I could get a couple of months out of it easy!

Vanilla Nut Lipbalm

One word for this one: Yum. Yum yum yum. The beeswax base means this lip balm is super easy to apply and it also lasts a lot better than others I’ve tried. I’m a big almond fan so the almond flavour goes down a real treat.

Mineral Clay Mask

Hayley also provided us with some of her clay face mask to try. We are currently planning a bit of a get together/pamper session to celebrate hitting 2000 likes on Facebook, so I’m saving it for that! I am more than prepared to go out on a limb and say that it will be as incredible as all of the other products, but will be sure to update this once we have tested it for ourselves!

Ultimately, Hayley’s range really does offer great value for money and I couldn’t be a bigger fan of it. Her website also offers some great recipes for homemade goodies, and you can also find her on Facebook. Check out her shop on Felt to order something to try for yourself!

A big thank you to Hayley for being so wonderful and getting involved with Use Good Stuff! 🙂

Global Soap

In my never-ending quest to find more natural skin products, I have come across another great company to share with you all!

Based in Nelson NZ, Global Soap have been handcrafting soaps and other goodies since 1997. It is run by sisters-in-law Ing-Marie and Bronwyn Shallcrass. They use the traditional cold-process method to create their soaps, and over the years have increased their range to include lip smoothies, laundry bars, shampoo bars, fizz bombs and a whole lot more!

I first came across Global Soap about a month ago when we attended the Go Green Expo in Christchurch. I wandered past their stall eyeing everything up, and settled on a few little products that piqued my curiosity. The first was the lip smoothie. I’ve never really been one for lip gloss or lip stick, but these intrigued me (and smelt delicious) so I decided to give one a try. I also picked up the clothing stain remover bar and some of their baby and toddler soap, which I gifted to my sister to try on her 2 little boys.



My Global Soap goodies from the expo, on the left side of the image!

The lip smoothie I was really very impressed with, and have almost used it all up. It is a bit softer/more smooth than some other natural lip balms I have tried, and the flavour is really yummy 🙂 They also do a range of lip tints which are a natural alternative for lipsticks/colours; I mentioned I’m not normally one for lip colours but I think I will try one of these next because I liked the smoothie so much – how adventurous of me!

I had never tried a natural clothing stain remover before finding this one, and was very captivated by the idea of it coming in the form of a soap bar. I first tried it on some old t-shirts that had old anti-perspirant marks on them, these stains had been there for a while so I wasn’t holding out much hope. I was genuinely quite surprised at the difference it made, considering the age of the marks. A couple of weeks after this I woke up one morning with a bloody nose (sorry, TMI?), and my pillowcase was a bit worse for wear. The Global Soap stain remover tackled the mess just as well as any non-natural product would, so I was very happy that I did not have to retire my favourite pillowcase! At the time I wasn’t certain I would be reviewing the products, so unfortunately didn’t take any before/after pictures. But, luckily(?), I drop food on my clothing on a regular basis, so next time I use the product I will share some images so you can all see for yourselves! Or, even better, you could buy some and give it a try 🙂

For handmade, natural products, the Global Soap range is so reasonably priced – I will definitely be placing another order for myself soon! They also sell kits to make your own soap with, which I think is such an awesome idea, we might get some for a Use Good Stuff team building exercise and feature it on the blog!
So if you like the sound of these products, check out their website and their Facebook page!
– Blick