Black Robin Skincare

This week I wanted to share another one of my favourite New Zealand skincare ranges with you - Black Robin! This company is still relatively small scale, with all of their products made in small batches by hand. I first came across them while looking for products for our goodie bags for the Go Green … Continue reading Black Robin Skincare

Aunt Flo Cramping Your (sustainable) Style? Reusable Menstrual Products with Sarah

About Me - I’m Sarah and I am the coordinator at Greening the Rubble, a mother to my darling two year old daughter and a passionate reusable menstrual products advocate. I have written a few articles, lead a number of public workshops and talks, and ran a short lived business selling them. I currently run a … Continue reading Aunt Flo Cramping Your (sustainable) Style? Reusable Menstrual Products with Sarah

Brown Baggin’ It – A Guide to a More Sustainable Lunchbox

Disclaimer: Despite the title of this piece, my lunch bag is not brown, it is purple with yellow polka dots. Also, for your own safety, do not Urban Dictionary the phrase “Brown Baggin’ It”. I’ve found that making a packed lunch for work every day can be a bit of a battle. It’s not hard, … Continue reading Brown Baggin’ It – A Guide to a More Sustainable Lunchbox

Honeywrap – Anja Hess

Always on the look out to decrease my environmental footprint, I came across the Honey Wrap at Henry Trading in Lyttelton. I have been looking for years now to find a way of reducing the amount of plastic waste I generate. Having grown up with packed lunches and the habit of wrapping food that goes … Continue reading Honeywrap – Anja Hess

the herb farm

Since its establishment in 1993, The Herb Farm has been a family owned and operated business based in Ashhurst, Manawatu. All of their 100% natural products are developed by qualified herbalist Lynn Kirkland, who is also the founder of the company. Their products are all made in their onsite manufacturing room, but the wonders of the … Continue reading the herb farm

Goodie Bags – The Green Collective

The Green Collective are Rylee and Emma, two people devoted to making high quality product with a low environmental impact. Based in Nelson, New Zealand, they make every possible effort to work with local and New Zealand organisations before any others. Helping people to live more sustainably is their foremost priority. This is why we … Continue reading Goodie Bags – The Green Collective