With the daffodils bursting, blossoms lining the streets, and the ever-longer hours of sunshine, my anticipation for the beach in summer is rising. As with many New Zealanders, I couldn’t imagine life without being able to visit the beach regularly in summer. The sea almost feels like a second home. To the animals for which … Continue reading Overfished

Save The Bees!

Bees are incredible! During my research I have discovered so many amazing facts about bees that I had no idea about. There are 20,000 species of bee; the common honeybee is just one of them. They don’t all live in hives; some bees are a solitary species. They are also quite intelligent; honey bees perform … Continue reading Save The Bees!

Power To The People

A couple of months ago you may have heard of an announcement from a company called Tesla; the ‘Powerwall’! It’s a good name, it sounds like something Donald Trump would build his mansions out of. But in actuality, it is very large battery you can install in your own home. Your instant reaction may be … Continue reading Power To The People

Cheaper Than Talk

How is oil so cheap?! Really. Have you ever considered just how inexpensive it is? You can fill up your car, drive hundreds of kilometres in your own private bubble set at just the temperature you like, play your own personal soundtrack through your own personal sound system or, failing that, tune into the veritable … Continue reading Cheaper Than Talk

More Omnipresent Than God

Plastic. You can’t avoid it. You’re probably touching some right now. If you eat fish you could be digesting some right now. It’s everywhere! And there’s a reason for this; plastic is incredible. I love etymology, so it brings me great joy to tell you that the word plastic has its origins in the Greek … Continue reading More Omnipresent Than God

Introducing James van Dyk

Hello there! I’m James and I’ll be writing about the "why". That is, all the reasons you should Use Good Stuff backed up with logic, facts, and empirical evidence. I am a recent graduate from the University of Canterbury, receiving a BSc majoring in Mathematics and Physics, which may go some way towards explaining my … Continue reading Introducing James van Dyk