WE’AR Yoga

We are always on the lookout for ethical and eco-conscious fashion, and WE’AR is quickly making its way to the top of our favourites list! WE’AR is a New Zealand owned company, and their clothes are manufactured in Bali in small home workshops and factories. Their products are made from responsibly sourced organic cotton* and bamboo. They … Continue reading WE’AR Yoga

Cleaning Out My Closet – Fast Fashion

Yes, that title is an Eminem reference and I still listen to many of his noughties rap hits on the regular. I also still love chocolate milk and wearing slippers with animal faces on them, but these guilty pleasures are relatively harmless. Something much worse (that I have been guilty of for a long time) … Continue reading Cleaning Out My Closet – Fast Fashion

Smartypants – Ethical Fashion with Naomi!

Introducing Naomi van den Broek! "During the day I work full time helping not for profits with their fundraising objectives. In my other life, I've been a performer in NZ and overseas for 20 years. I endeavour to be a good human and live in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive way. I love to eat, talk, read, sing, … Continue reading Smartypants – Ethical Fashion with Naomi!