When Life isn’t Giving You Lemons

The one plant present in my garden throughout my entire life and the plant that I get asked the most questions about just happen to be the same plant. Which you know, makes the decision to write an article about it really easy. Cheers guys. They are also one of the most versatile ingredients in … Continue reading When Life isn’t Giving You Lemons

guess who’s coming to dinner

Being a glamorous green thumb has its fair share of perks, but it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes there are also bugs and birds. Not cute Disney ones - hungry and wily ones that can in an instant destroy weeks/months of hard work. It can really rip your undies. Last season, my strawberry patch … Continue reading guess who’s coming to dinner

Winter is Coming…

I have actually never watched Game of Thrones (I know, right), but when I was telling my friend Olly about my article he said it would be a good title. So thanks Olly, this goes out to you! Winter is not a season famous for its vegetable growing, but there are some vegetables that will … Continue reading Winter is Coming…

Introducing Emma Cusdin

Hey, I’m E-Cus, and up until I started writing for Use Good Stuff, gardening was my guilty pleasure. Growing up in the thriving metropolis that is Christchurch, we always had a veggie garden and home grown produce around thanks to the efforts of my outstanding parents Dennis and Denise. We always had our own strawberries, … Continue reading Introducing Emma Cusdin

Herb Your Enthusiasm

Starting to grow your own vegetables can be overwhelming, especially when you are starting from scratch and aren’t equipped with tools or disposable garden space. I think a great first endeavour for a new gardener, especially as we are coming in to some cooler weather, is a herb garden. Herbs are hardy, many can grow … Continue reading Herb Your Enthusiasm