An Inconvenient Inevitability

The Paris Climate Change Conference has drawn to a close and it seems that everyone has been talking about climate change. There was the news that carbon dioxide emissions fell during a period of economic growth for the first time. There were marches across the world in the lead up to the conference calling on … Continue reading An Inconvenient Inevitability

Power To The People

A couple of months ago you may have heard of an announcement from a company called Tesla; the ‘Powerwall’! It’s a good name, it sounds like something Donald Trump would build his mansions out of. But in actuality, it is very large battery you can install in your own home. Your instant reaction may be … Continue reading Power To The People

Cheaper Than Talk

How is oil so cheap?! Really. Have you ever considered just how inexpensive it is? You can fill up your car, drive hundreds of kilometres in your own private bubble set at just the temperature you like, play your own personal soundtrack through your own personal sound system or, failing that, tune into the veritable … Continue reading Cheaper Than Talk