SHOW ME THE MONEY – An Insider’s Guide to Garden Savings

When I started gardening, I thought it would be a great way to save money. I thought for sure that by growing my own vegetables and fruit I was certainly cutting out the middle man and that that would be reflected in my bank balance immediately. Don’t get me wrong, growing your own is going … Continue reading SHOW ME THE MONEY – An Insider’s Guide to Garden Savings

2016 – Make It Green!

Hello everybody and welcome back to Use Good Stuff for 2016! The new year is when a lot of us start setting new  goals - whether we stick to them or not, the intentions are good! If you still have room on your list for a few more resolutions, how about adding in some new … Continue reading 2016 – Make It Green!

Go Green Expo-erience

The Go Green Expo was on in Christchurch this past weekend, and of course the Use Good Stuff team were there prowling around. We started off the day running behind schedule, because E Cus gave me the incorrect car-pool-pick-up address. This isn't important information, I just wanted to tell everyone. We were at the expo just … Continue reading Go Green Expo-erience