DIY Christmas Advent Calendar!

Since we are now safely passed the mid-November mark, it's an acceptable time for a Christmas post! As a kid, one of the staple Christmas traditions in our house was the advent calendar. Chocolate every day, before lunchtime! What a friggin' treat. This year I decided that I wanted to bring back the advent calendar … Continue reading DIY Christmas Advent Calendar!

Honeywrap – Anja Hess

Always on the look out to decrease my environmental footprint, I came across the Honey Wrap at Henry Trading in Lyttelton. I have been looking for years now to find a way of reducing the amount of plastic waste I generate. Having grown up with packed lunches and the habit of wrapping food that goes … Continue reading Honeywrap – Anja Hess

Goodie Bags – The Green Collective

The Green Collective are Rylee and Emma, two people devoted to making high quality product with a low environmental impact. Based in Nelson, New Zealand, they make every possible effort to work with local and New Zealand organisations before any others. Helping people to live more sustainably is their foremost priority. This is why we … Continue reading Goodie Bags – The Green Collective