Reused crafts – We’re on a roll!

This week I thought I would put something a little different on the blog for ya'll - a cheeky bit of crafting! I've always been a sucker for DIY crafting fun, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed we had gathered a lot of old toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. Obviously these can … Continue reading Reused crafts – We’re on a roll!

My Cordial Thanks

Hello Use Good Stuff-ers, hope you’re doing well! Life continues to be hectic (show #2 opens in five days) so today I thought I would simply share a gift idea that I used recently. Behind the glitz and jazz hands of a stage show lies hours and hours of tireless work from a dedicated team. I … Continue reading My Cordial Thanks

Smartypants – Ethical Fashion with Naomi!

Introducing Naomi van den Broek! "During the day I work full time helping not for profits with their fundraising objectives. In my other life, I've been a performer in NZ and overseas for 20 years. I endeavour to be a good human and live in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive way. I love to eat, talk, read, sing, … Continue reading Smartypants – Ethical Fashion with Naomi!

Brown Baggin’ It – A Guide to a More Sustainable Lunchbox

Disclaimer: Despite the title of this piece, my lunch bag is not brown, it is purple with yellow polka dots. Also, for your own safety, do not Urban Dictionary the phrase “Brown Baggin’ It”. I’ve found that making a packed lunch for work every day can be a bit of a battle. It’s not hard, … Continue reading Brown Baggin’ It – A Guide to a More Sustainable Lunchbox

Honeywrap – Anja Hess

Always on the look out to decrease my environmental footprint, I came across the Honey Wrap at Henry Trading in Lyttelton. I have been looking for years now to find a way of reducing the amount of plastic waste I generate. Having grown up with packed lunches and the habit of wrapping food that goes … Continue reading Honeywrap – Anja Hess