Save Our Soles – Ethical and Sustainable Footwear

We’ve covered ethical clothing and fast fashion, so now it makes sense to move on to the feet! Footwear is a tricky one. Quality, affordable shoes can be hard to find at the best of times. Add other criteria like sustainable, ethical, and vegan, and the pool starts getting pretty empty! This especially seems to … Continue reading Save Our Soles – Ethical and Sustainable Footwear

FRANK Stationery

It's pretty easy to be a bit of a Negative Nancy about the idea of business. It's all about corporate greed and making profit and exploiting people, right? While there are certainly some less-than-desirable business models out there, there are also plenty of nice people doing nice stuff - and those are the ones we like to … Continue reading FRANK Stationery

2016 – Make It Green!

Hello everybody and welcome back to Use Good Stuff for 2016! The new year is when a lot of us start setting new  goals - whether we stick to them or not, the intentions are good! If you still have room on your list for a few more resolutions, how about adding in some new … Continue reading 2016 – Make It Green!


The Use Good Stuff team have been fans of this company for a long time, so it only made sense that we got them added to the blog! Ethique does everything right. Their products are vegan, they are a certified climate friendly and cruelty free business, and they use compostable paper packaging. They make everything themselves … Continue reading Ethique

Smartypants – Ethical Fashion with Naomi!

Introducing Naomi van den Broek! "During the day I work full time helping not for profits with their fundraising objectives. In my other life, I've been a performer in NZ and overseas for 20 years. I endeavour to be a good human and live in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive way. I love to eat, talk, read, sing, … Continue reading Smartypants – Ethical Fashion with Naomi!

July Round-Up

July has certainly been a bit cold and miserable here in Christchurch. I'm currently at my desk listening to a very blustery wind, eating some tasty soup, finishing off some red wine... Maybe it's not all bad 🙂 It's been another busy few weeks on the blog. We have had our first posts submitted from a … Continue reading July Round-Up

Brown Baggin’ It – A Guide to a More Sustainable Lunchbox

Disclaimer: Despite the title of this piece, my lunch bag is not brown, it is purple with yellow polka dots. Also, for your own safety, do not Urban Dictionary the phrase “Brown Baggin’ It”. I’ve found that making a packed lunch for work every day can be a bit of a battle. It’s not hard, … Continue reading Brown Baggin’ It – A Guide to a More Sustainable Lunchbox

No Waste in Your Bathroom (well, almost)

Hello my home-slices, welcome to another post where I waffle on about how to cut unsustainable packaging and products out of your life. This is the bathroom edition and I’m leaving the door unlocked, so feel free to barge in and have a gander. Bathrooms are often full of junk-stuff. Hair and body washes, toothpaste … Continue reading No Waste in Your Bathroom (well, almost)

Introducing James van Dyk

Hello there! I’m James and I’ll be writing about the "why". That is, all the reasons you should Use Good Stuff backed up with logic, facts, and empirical evidence. I am a recent graduate from the University of Canterbury, receiving a BSc majoring in Mathematics and Physics, which may go some way towards explaining my … Continue reading Introducing James van Dyk

My Zero Waste Shop

My weekly shop used to consist of an hour or so of trudging up and down the supermarket isles, wondering what I could afford on a student budget. While I have always avoided plastic bags, I didn’t think much about the packaging that ended up in my trolley or the nutritional value of my oriental … Continue reading My Zero Waste Shop