Waste Not Want Not

Hey Stuffers! I hope you had a nice Easter break with lots of rest, fun, and food. Speaking of food, the discussion around food waste has been pretty big in the media lately, especially in the light of recent legislature in France which forces large supermarkets to donate food to charity as it nears its … Continue reading Waste Not Want Not

My Cordial Thanks

Hello Use Good Stuff-ers, hope you’re doing well! Life continues to be hectic (show #2 opens in five days) so today I thought I would simply share a gift idea that I used recently. Behind the glitz and jazz hands of a stage show lies hours and hours of tireless work from a dedicated team. I … Continue reading My Cordial Thanks

July Round-Up

July has certainly been a bit cold and miserable here in Christchurch. I'm currently at my desk listening to a very blustery wind, eating some tasty soup, finishing off some red wine... Maybe it's not all bad 🙂 It's been another busy few weeks on the blog. We have had our first posts submitted from a … Continue reading July Round-Up

Go Your Own Whey: Zero Waste Cheese

Cheese. A staple part of many people’s diets; a wonderful festival in your mouth-hole; an excuse to drink wine… But also another fantastic product that is difficult to purchase in sustainable packaging. This was a thing that made me sad, so I decided to buck up and try making my own zero waste cheese. After … Continue reading Go Your Own Whey: Zero Waste Cheese

My Zero Waste Shop

My weekly shop used to consist of an hour or so of trudging up and down the supermarket isles, wondering what I could afford on a student budget. While I have always avoided plastic bags, I didn’t think much about the packaging that ended up in my trolley or the nutritional value of my oriental … Continue reading My Zero Waste Shop

Introducing Poppy Stowell

Kia Ora! My name is Poppy and I am working towards living a zero waste life here in Christchurch, NZ. I have always been interested in and passionate about protecting and coexisting with the environment. I think this passion was inspired by my childhood growing up on Banks Peninsula. I always had the countryside at … Continue reading Introducing Poppy Stowell

An Introduction to Zero Waste

I understand that the term Zero Waste may not be familiar to most people, so I thought my first post should cover the basics of what it actually means, and how I view it in relation to my own lifestyle. Good ol’ Wikipedia defines Zero Waste as: "A philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles … Continue reading An Introduction to Zero Waste